The Kingdom of Mapungubwe's majesty

From palace remnants to a breathtaking savannah landscape - this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see

The Kingdom of Mapungubwe is royally recognised as one of South Africa’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, particularly for its rich cultural landscape

The vast savannah landscape sits snugly against the northern border of South Africa, joining Zimbabwe and Botswana, and boasts natural wonder as well as historic significance. 

A roam around will have you stumbling across the remnants of societies past. Here there’s a chance to visit the almost untouched remains of a palace site, settlement area and two earlier capital sites of an ancient African Kingdom established at Mapungubwe Hill between 1200 and 1290 AD. 

A visit to the location’s wondrous national park serves as the ideal location to immerse yourself in nature and indulge in wildlife and bird watching activities. This slice of paradise is sure to offer you a serene solace from the rush of city life and rejuvenate your spirit with its fresh air and magnificent views.  

Join us on a journey through the majesty of this historic SA region: 

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