Finding the sound of KwaZulu-Natal

Moving to the beat of Gqom in Umlazi, Durban

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There's a sound in KwaZulu-Natal that can't be silenced, can't be tamed and can't be ignored. It's a sound that'll have you stomping in seconds. It's a sound that's impossible to translate into words but that can be captured in a single one. It's the sound of Gqom.

Gqom is a newer genre of South African house music that emerged from KZN around 2010. But at the base of this new generation of electronic music is the timeless beat of the Zulu drums. "Our King Shaka Zulu built the Zulu's to be more powerful," says Max Mqadi, founder of Max's Lifestyle in Durban. "And their power and sound is to dance."

In the heart of the Durban township Umlazi, the sound of Gqom comes to life every weekend where residents, visitors and tourists alike are moved by the empowering sound.

Here's a look at the sound of KwaZulu-Natal:

Max's Lifestyle is one of the many hotspots in Durban where tourists can experience the sound of Gqom. Among others are Eyadini , Havana Music Cafe, Uhuru and  Chill Action Bar Point.

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